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Windows 10 will NOT share your Wi-Fi network password

Will Windows 10 share your Wi-Fi network password with your friends? Some websites are apparently stating that “Windows 10 will by default share your Wi-Fi network password with any contacts you may have listed in Outlook and Skype” More at Znet It sounds like Windows 10 is launching this week, and the first of its …

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University in Australia on a Dependant 457 visa

Dependants of Subclass 457 Visa Holders can Study and Work The subclass 457 visa is the most commonly used programme for employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia on a temporary basis. Subclass 457 visa holders can: • work in Australia for a period of between one day and 4 years • bring …

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Trekking Mt. Pinatubo from Angeles City

Visit Mt. Pinatubo from Angeles City Mount Pinatubo is easily visited from Angels City, where many tours start from. Mount Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano, with an elevation: 1,486 metres, is in the Cabusilan Mountains on the island of Luzon, near the tripoint of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga. The Volcano last …

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WordPress – How to Change the Site URL

How to Configure WordPress to work with a different URL If you move a WordPress Installation from a test site to a live new URL site, you will need to do some changes in the WordPress Setup. I have seen many different options mentioned on doing this, and it begins to look complicated the more …

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News.com.au and Angeles City Philippines

Sydney City, “the entire town — is a brothel, and its support system”. It would be if we use the same logic as this new.com.au report, who are jumping on the bandwagon of infuriatingly incorrect information on the Philippines, from the British Daily Mail Journalist Margaret Simons toured Balibago recently,and wrote that in Angeles City, “the …

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Angeles City map with Fields Insert included

The Daily Mail and Australians in the Philippines

The Daily Mail blames Australians for Pregnancies in Angeles City, Philippines How accurate is their news story?  More than 4.7 million foreigners come to the Philippines each year, 224,000 of these are Australian, and 4,475,000 (yes, almost four and a half million) are NOT Australian, but Australians are supposed to be the fathers of all …

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Australian Property Stamp Duty Rates at July 2015

Australian Property Stamp Duty Rates at July 2015 Stamp Duty is paid on most House Purchases in Australia There are a few exceptions, and the rate is NOT the same in each state. Stamp Duty rates on Residential Homes valued at: $400,000 $11,650 ACT $13,490 NSW $16,515 NT $ 5,250 QLD $16,330 SA $13,998 Tas …

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Property Rental Yields

Average investment property rental yields Gross Rental Yields on Investment Property (Apartments) 7.51% Philippines 6.09% New Zealand 4.39% Australia 3.91% USA 3.83% Greece 3.21% UK Source: www.globalpropertyguide.com 2014 rates However, when looking at the United States: A New York, Lower Manhattan Apartment, is shown as 3.07% yield whilst a Miami Condominiums is shown as high as …

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Greek OXO NO

Greece has a Mandate to NOT implement Austerity Reforms

Will Greece Actually Implement Austerity Reforms promised in the Bail Out? In this Third bailout for Greece, the Greek Government is agreeing to implement various austerity measures, including increasing VAT to a similar rate as many other Eurozone countries, and tackling the Tax Collection problem. However, the question is: Will they do it ? Greek …

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The Final Greek Debt Proposal? 9th July 2015

Greece has submitted it’s request for more funding from the European community, and given its own proposals to cover the debt reduction eventually. 9th July 2015 According to Greek media reports, the measures submitted on Thursday include: Tax rise on shipping company profits. Scrapping Tax discounts for islands. Unifying VAT rates at standard 23% (see below) …

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When was Greece first kicked out of a European Monetary Union ?

Greece first kicked out of a European Monetary Union in 1908 The Latin Monetary Union (LMU) was established in 1865 and continued until 1927. The Monetary Union was formed by France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland for a common currency pegging between them. Greece joined the Union on April 10, 1867. Greece was expelled from the …

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UK Buy to let Landlords to lose Income Tax Relief

The 2016 UK Budget – Buy to let Mortgages Income tax relief enjoyed by landlords will be cut to the basic rate of just 20% with a gradual phase in from 2017. The Daily Telegraph states this: Currently interest payments of £100 only cost £55 after tax relief, but will cost £80 from 2020. A …

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UK Minimum Wage – National Living Wage

UK 2015 Budget introduces the National Living Wage The new National Living Wage will apply to those aged 25 and over. The existing National Minimum Wage will continue for those under the age of 25. The National Living Wage will begin in April 2016 with workers receiving £7.20 an hour, and this will increase to …

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AccessPress Social Login Lite1

WP Plugin: AccessPress Social Login Lite

AccessPress Social Login Lite for WordPress AccessPress Social Login lite – is a perfect Free WordPress plugin to allow your website users to register/login to the website using one of their favorite social website accounts. wordpress.org/plugins/accesspress-social-login-lite This is new in July 2015 The FREE option appears to support logins from users with accounts at: Facebook …

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Greece referendum: Yes or No

The Greek referendum, what will happen? Greece is basically bankrupt and unable to repay its creditors, a point made very recently when a Greek Minister stated, with a smile, that Greece was unable to repay its debt. The people of Greece are voting now to say either YES or NO. YES to accepting the creditors terms …

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Co-op Bookstore Australia

Co-op Bookstore Australia Co-op Bookstore: Specialising in educational and professional textbooks, we offer FREE shipping anywhere in Australia.

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