May 21 2016

Netflix Sticks at 25% while Loading

Netflix Stops Loading at 25% How to fix the Netflix problem of stopping at 25% I found this Youtube to fix it: But how to fix on a Smart TV ?

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Apr 22 2016

WordPress: ERROR: Empty CAPTCHA

ERROR: Empty CAPTCHA message on comment

If the “ERROR: Empty CAPTCHA” message appears when site visitors try to send a comment,

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Apr 15 2016

Hotels Worldwide

Looking for Hotels around the world?

Worldwide Hotels

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Apr 14 2016

Chiffon Slit Maxi Black Dress 205169

Women Chiffon Slit Maxi Black Dress Check for latest price at: Chiffon Slit Maxi Black Dress 205169 Price at April 2016: A$6.64

Apr 14 2016

Black and White Patchwork Strapless Dress 207452

Black and White Patchwork Strapless Dress A$5.88 at April 2016 Check Latest Price..

Apr 12 2016

If You aren’t a Millionaire you are a Low-Achiever

Did  Sir Alan Duncan actually say: if you weren’t a millionaire you were a low-achiever ? The Labour MP Caroline Flint said she was saddened that Sir Alan Duncan appeared to say “if you weren’t a millionaire you were a low-achiever”. What did Sir Alan Duncan actually say? Shouldn’t the Prime Minister’s critics really just …

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Apr 08 2016

British Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand

The British Embassy in Bangkok 14 Wireless Road Lumpini Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand Contact: Tel: +66 2 305 8333 Mob: Email: Web: Details: British Embassy Bangkok Opening hours: (Local time) Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4.30pm Friday, 8am to 1pm UK Trade & Investment Thailand Opening hours: (Local time) Monday to Thursday, 8am …

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Mar 27 2016

Films: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li

Bruce Lee was born 27 November 1940 and Died 20 July 20 1973. He made 30 films
Jackie Chan was born 7 April 1954 and has made 161 films so far.
Jet Li was born 26 April 1963 and has made 45 films so far.

Mar 23 2016

Donald Trump and Muslims

Some quotes from Donald Trump about Muslims during Presidential Campaign ‘I have great respect for Muslims,’ he said, ‘I have many friends that are Muslims. I’m just saying that there is something with a radicalized portion that is very, very bad and very dangerous. I would say this, to the Muslims, when they see trouble, …

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Mar 19 2016

Vanuatu Cost of Living 2016

What is the Cost of Living like in Vanuatu? For the majority of the population, maybe 75% from what locals say, the cost of living is very low. They grow their own food as they have no income. For tourists to the country though, the costs can be quite high. The supermarket receipt shown on …

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Mar 09 2016

Gmail won’t run with Google Play Services

Get Google Play services

Get Google Play services Gmail won’t run with Google Play Services, which are missing from your phone How many people get this message on their phones, and yet Gmail emails still come in ? That’s exactly what I got this morning. I was concerned about not receiving any more emails, until I did as ordered …

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Mar 05 2016

How Many Cigarettes Can you bring through Customs

How Many Cigarettes can you bring through Customs Duty Free Most countries have limits on the amount of Tobacco products that can be brought into their countries without needing to pay duty or excise. many of these have a limit of 200 cigarettes, but some are either more relaxed or tighter with the restrictions. Some …

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Mar 01 2016

Lace Embroidery Sleeveless White Women’s Maxi Dress

Lace Embroidery Sexy Style Sleeveless White Women’s Maxi Dress ZME070806WI Ladies Strapless Dress Pure Color Lace Splicing Bow Slim Cut Fitted Black Dress JFT121108BA

Feb 27 2016

Two Years Jail for Posting on Facebook

Two brothers sentenced to 2 years Prison time, instead of suspended sentence, for posting on Facebook. Two brothers hauled back to court for mocking a judge on Facebook after she decided not to send them to prison for drug dealing have now been jailed for two years. Forty minutes after Daniel Sledden, 27, received a …

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Feb 22 2016

Apple Pie and America

The Apple Pie and America In the 1940s, when the United States entered World War II, journalists at the time asked soldiers why they were willing to fight in the war, and the typical response was “for mom and apple pie.” This translates into fighting for their Mothers and for England, (the home of the Apple …

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Jan 19 2016

Average price of Detached Houses in Kent, England. 2005 to 2015

Average price of Detached Houses in Kent 2005 to 2015 The following figures are those quoted for November each year, for the ten year period between 2005 and 2015. £310,141 – 2005 £325,354 – 2006 £351,581 – 2007 £323,830 – 2008 £306,319 – 2009 £320,153 – 2010 £309,529 – 2011 £313,288 – 2012 £324,831 – …

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Jan 18 2016

Can a Foxtel Box be Plugged Directly into a Modem

Foxtel Box connection for Internet. According to Foxtel you can connect the Foxtel IQ box direct to the Modem/Router or use the Powerline Adaptor that they seem to supply.

Jan 05 2016

Secondhand Car Dealer awarded British Empire Medal

Qatar car dealer receives BEM in the Queens New Year Honours A second-hand car dealer in Doha who’s spent decades helping newly arrived expats get on the road safely is among the Britons abroad recognised by the Queen in the New Year’s honours. More:…

Jan 05 2016

Womens Dresses by Mail Order

Budget Priced Dresses Have you bought dresses online from Overseas? Are you worried about delivery times and prices? Some places are better than others, some places you may wish to avoid. The links on this page are the result of a recent purchase, where the goods were ordered on a Thursday, and they were received …

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Jan 02 2016

White Long Dresses

White Dresses

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