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Spelling: Traveler or Traveller

English or American: Traveler or Traveller Traveler is the American version Traveller is the English version Meaning of Traveller: A person who is travelling or who often travels.

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WordPress: Post Importer and Updater

A WordPress Post Importer that will Also Update Existing Posts Their are many Post Importer plugins for WordPress that work well at importing new posts, but can they handle Importing an Updated Post, keeping the same URL but changing the content data. The Really Simple CSV Importer plugin at: https://wordpress.org/plugins/really-simple-csv-importer does appear to do exactly this. The section that …

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WordPress: Post Type Converter or Post Type Switcher

WordPress Plugins: Post Type Converter or Post Type Switcher or Convert Post Types I have looked at, and used, THREE different post type convertor plugins. These are the types of plugins that allow you to change a Post to a Page or vice versa. Post Type Switcher Post Type Converter Convert Post Types I like to …

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BBC News

Aphantasia: No Clear Pictures in your mind

Aphantasia: A life without mental images A BBC Program (www.bbc.com/news/health-34039054) compared how most people can readily conjure images inside their head, but others only get a blank screen in their “mind’s eye” Scientists have described this condition, now called aphantasia, as a condition where you are unable to visualise mental images. The BBC Program asked …

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Do Mosquitoes cause Tuberculosis

Mosquitoes and Tuberculosis I was looking up one of the popular brands of Insect Spray and Repellent and came across a web site that said to buy the Baygon pest Control as it will help to control the spread of Tuberculosis in countries like India and Indonesia. It made me ask myself if I knew …

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American Presidents

Terms of Office for Presidents of the United States of America One US President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) served three full terms + 83 days, but that was before the 1951 22nd Amendment limiting to 2 terms. Eleven US Presidents however have served the maximum two elected terms at 8 years.   № President Term of office Term …

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The Correct Mathematical order of operations PEMDAS or BODMAS or BOMDAS ? It depends on your country. The British system appears to be taught in countries under former British control, such as India. The American System appears to be taught in countries with strong language links such as the Philippines. It appears possible to get different answers …

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English American: Learnt or Learned

Learnt or Learned in the English Language Learnt is an English past tense or past participle of the verb learn. Example: “She learnt her times tables“ Learned is the American language version of the English Learnt Learned is an English adjective meaning: ‘having acquired much knowledge through study’. Example: “She is a learned and respected …

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How Many Years Can a U.S. President serve

US Presidential Terms of Office How Many Years Can a U.S. President serve in office? Answer: 10 years How Many Years Can a U.S. President serve in office after first Election? Answer: 8 years What is the Maximum Term that a US President can be elected for? Answer: 4 Years (per election) How Many Terms …

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Working Holiday Visa in Singapore

Singapore Working Holiday Visa Singapore provides the Working Holiday visa program for young people (ages 18-25) who want to holiday and work in Singapore for up to 6 months. There is a placement limit of 2,000 at any one time, with strict rules on who may apply. For example: you must be undergraduate or graduate of …

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Working Holiday Visa in Japan

Japan Working Holiday Visa Japan provides the Working Holiday visa program for young people (Normally ages 18-30) who want to holiday and work in Japan for up to a year, or 18 months in some cases. The countries that are able to get places for these Visas are currently listed as: Australia (ages 18-25) Canada …

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Working Holiday Visa in Australia

Australian Working Holiday Visas Australia provides the Working Holiday and the Work and Holiday visa programs for young people (18-30) who want to holiday and work in Australia for up to a year. The countries that are able to get places for these Visas are currently listed as: Americas Argentina (subclass 462) Canada (subclass 417) …

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Jetpack Extra Sidebar Widget Options

Display WordPress Posts Widget

Jetpack – Display WordPress Posts Widget A nice little option in the WordPress Jetpack is an optional widget that can shows posts from another WordPress Installation is the Display WordPress Posts Widget. This image shows the setting options for the Widget, which allows you to choose the website that you wish to link posts to. This …

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Foreign Exchange Rates that just appear wrong !!

2.088 GBP to 1 AUD ?? This is a screen shot from a new foreign exchange company that I saw today 13 Aug 2015 I would love to get that actual rate, buying British Pounds with Australian Dollars but I get the feeling they would back out of the deal.

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WorldVenture Pyramid

WorldVentures, DreamTrips, etc. Is it a Scam or Pyramid?

Dream Trips and WorldVentures, how safe are they? DreamTrips, a part of WorldVentures, is a holiday company that charges you a registration fee and a monthly fee to take advantage of their holiday plans, and earn money by getting other members to join. After being on a forum that was spammed by someone pushing this company, …

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Virgin Australia to cancel direct flights Perth to Phuket

Virgin Australia: Perth to Phuket As from 1st February 2016 Virgin Australia will no longer operate direct flights from Perth to Phuket, Thailand. The last flight will be on January 31 2016. Other changes for Virgin Airlines: From 23 March 2016, Virgin Australia will withdraw from the following routes: Adelaide-Denpasar: five return services per week …

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