Hamas Statement 27 October 2023.

Hamas and Civilian Deaths, October 2023.

Ghazi Hamad, a senior spokesperson for Hamas, in an interview with the BBC on 26 October 2023, was questioned about the deaths of civilians in the militant group’s attack on Israel on 7 October 2023.
When asked if he could justify the killing of people “as they slept,” Hamad pulled off his microphone, threw it to the floor and left the room.
Hamad, had previously stated that the group “had no intention or decision to harm civilians.”

Ghazi Hamad had previously said:
The 7 October 2023 attack against Israel was just the beginning, vowing to launch “a second, a third, a fourth” attack until Israel is annihilated.”

Hamas did not want to harm civilians, but there were complications on the ground.” Hamad added that “everything we do is justified.”

But, contradicting his statements, the Hamas terrorists who attacked Israeli border communities were found with detailed maps and documentation indicating intent to take over schools and abduct citizens, including children.

In October, the New York Times and NBC News released two extensive articles detailing how the meticulously planned attack was originally aimed at harming civilians – including children.

Hamas themselves have released a video showing armed terrorists holding and feeding Israeli children taken hostage, including babies.




The attack on Israeli civilians and children, by Palestinians in the Gaza strip on 7 October 2023, has resulted in many more deaths in the Gaza strip, but this time Palestinian civilians and their military who are hiding amongst the Civilians.

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