I am ABCDiamond, and have been for many years.

Researching is one of my favourite pastimes, and I have been putting my findings on websites for quite some time.

Living in Australia has given me much to research, and one of my websites is dedicated purely to information on living in Australia, and I also frequent various Forums for British Expats, and Migrants to Australia. My information is more related to living in Australia rather than the legal migration side of things, but I will no doubt expand on that later.

My Main Websites are:

This particular website, the pages you are now looking at, will be dedicated to anything that takes my fancy.

It is a new beginning for this site, as from July 2009, even though the first pages appeared here in 2004 ? (I think… I should check that later).  Most of the other older information is being, or has been, transferred to my other sites.

The time around the world, just click on your country to see the local time…

If you know me, feel free to say HELLO to me here and now …

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