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  • ABCDiamond on Philippines and the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC): “You would really need the help of a good lawyer for this. I have no idea what your chances of…May 31, 15:25
  • rowena on Philippines and the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC): “TO: ADMIN, blessed day, want to ask a question regarding the situation of my friend. She has a Chinese boyfriend…May 31, 12:32
  • ABCDiamond on 37 Blood Clots stops the Vaccine: “The EMA has handed down its verdict. The EMA regulator on Thursday said it had reviewed 469 reports of thromboembolic…Mar 20, 16:00
  • ABCDiamond on Who Owns Eurostar?: “Eurostar passenger numbers have been slashed by the coronavirus pandemic, with the number of trains operating being reduced from about…Jan 24, 06:46
  • ABCDiamond on China and War Crimes: “Mr Fu created the controversial computer graphic on the evening of November 22, according to China’s state-owned media Global Times.…Dec 1, 22:29

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