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  • guest on Non-Intercourse Act.: “The War of 1812 was also known as “Mr. Madison’s War”, but was in fact an extension of the Napoleonic…Sep 7, 16:33
  • ABCDiamond on F-16 Fighters for Ukraine.: “The numbers being pledged to Ukraine are currently: 42 F-16 fighter jets from the Netherlands. 19 F-16 fighter jets from…Aug 21, 23:27
  • ABCDiamond on F-16 Fighters for Ukraine.: “In June 2023, Nato’s secretary general revealed that Ukrainian fighter pilots are already being trained to fly F-16 jets. They…Aug 20, 17:21
  • ABCDiamond on F-16 Fighters for Ukraine.: “The United States has given its approval for the Netherlands and Denmark to deliver F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. In…Aug 20, 17:14
  • ABCDiamond on Philippines and the Exit Clearance Certificate (ECC): “Most satellite offices can do the ECC. Nothing online that I am aware of.Aug 10, 16:43

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