Thai Deaths and Hostages in Israel.

Hamas: Thai Deaths and Hostages.

At least 39 Thai nationals were killed during the initial attack, by Palestinian Hamas terrorists, on 7 October 2023, and another 32 were kidnapped and taken into Gaza.

These Thai nationals were from the 30,000 Thai workers that helped to harvest Israel’s fields.

Palestinian and Thai workers in Israel.

As at 6 December 2023, twenty three of the Thai hostages have been released by Hamas, in exchange for 69 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Two of the 23 Thai hostages, released in late November 2023, gave statements to the German News outlet, DW, after spending 7 weeks in the underground tunnels in Gaza.

One of them lost over 2 kgs each week, after being fed just one piece of bread, and a bottle of water each day.

Another made this statement: “Once the truck was full, they shot two of my companions in the head, just because there was no room left for more hostages. I’ll never forget the sight.

Israel has pledged to build another
430 bunkers, taking the total to over 1,000, to help protect agricultural workers from the Palestinian rocket attacks.


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