Hostages freed from Gaza 8 June 2024

Four Hostages freed from Gaza.

On 8th June 2014, Israel rescued four of the hostages that HAMAS had taken on the 7th October 2023, in the Palestinian attack from Gaza that started this Gaza-Israel war.

The HAMAS authorities in Gaza have said that about 210 Palestinians were killed in this Israeli rescue of citizens from Israel and other countries.

This war began when Hamas-led Palestinian militants attacked Israeli towns and villages killing about 1,200 Israelis, and kidnapping about 250, many from the Nova music festival.

The rescued hostages have been identified as: Noa Argamani (26), Almog Meir Jan (22), Andrey Kozlov (27), and Shlomi Ziv (41). They were all kidnapped from the Nova music festival, and had been held in Gaza for the last 8 months.

There are about 116 hostages that have still not been rescued, and the United States have confirmed that they will continue to supply Israel with what they need, until the remaining hostages have been released.

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