Palestinian and Thai workers in Israel.

Why did Thai workers replace Palestinians in Israel.

Many Thai workers replaced Palestinian workers in Israel, after the Palestinian uprising against Israel in 1987

This Palestinian uprising began on 6 December 1987, with an Israeli being stabbed to death while shopping in Gaza.

Mass rioting broke out in Jabalya, in the Gaza Strip, on the morning of 9 December 1987, after a 17 year old Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at an army patrol, and was then shot.

One of the Israeli reactions was to impose security restrictions on Palestinians entering Israel, which reduced the number of Palestinian workers entering Israel.

By the 1990s, about 30,000 Thai migrant workers had became the mainstay of Israel’s agricultural sector.

Thai Workers became Hamas Victims.

Israel previously issued more than 18,000 permits allowing Gazans to cross into Israel and the Israeli-occupied West Bank to take jobs in sectors like agriculture, or construction, that typically carried salaries up to 10 times the amount that a worker could earn in the Gaza Strip.
Gazan workers blocked from Israel.

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