Toe Nail Fungus Removal.

How to Cure Toe Nail Fungus?

Toothpaste can help in many things, but can it help with Toe Nail Fungus?

One method, that has been said to help in about 70% of cases, is this:

  • Brush your nails once or twice a day with a plaque removing toothpaste, using a different toothbrush, set aside for nails only.
  • Do this for about 30 seconds.
  • Rinse off, and then apply a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil.
  • Allow that to soak in.
  • Rub some Vicks VapoRub ointment on the nails.

Do this daily for about 2 weeks, and see if it has made a difference.

With luck, you may be one of those that it does work with.

One university study found that almost 40% of patients found that it worked, although it wasn’t fast, taking upwards of 6 months for most of them.

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