Are Brazil nuts good for Prostate cancer

Are Brazil Nuts Good for a Healthy Prostate Gland?

Brazil nuts are a must-eat snack for men.
They’re the richest source of selenium, a vital mineral for a healthy prostate gland. (1)
Selenium is required for the body’s antioxidant defence system.

100 g of Macadamia nuts provide 3.6 µg of selenium. (2)
100 g of Brazil nuts provide 1,917.0 µg of selenium. (3)

The RDI for selenium is 55 mcg (55μg) per day for adults. (4)

3g (about 2 nuts) of Brazil nut provides you with the recommended daily amount (55μg RDA).
1.5 kg (a few hundred nuts) of Macadamia nuts provides you with the recommended daily amount (55μg RDA).

Mcg and ug are the same

A mineral found in Brazil nuts may play a role in the prevention of prostate cancer progression, a study funded by World Cancer Research Fund has found. (5)


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