Road Deaths by Country.

Road Deaths by Country.

The world average for road deaths is shown as 182 road deaths per million population.

73 countries have higher than the average of 182 road deaths per million population.

This varies between 13 in Hong Kong and 359 in Liberia.

The rates for countries, that I have an interest in, are:

Australia road deaths.

45 per million population.
74 per million vehicles.

China road deaths.

188 per million population.
1,045 per million vehicles.

New Zealand road deaths.

78 per million population.
100 per million vehicles.

Philippines road deaths.

105 per million population.
1,350 per million vehicles.

Russia road deaths.

116 per million population
500 per million vehicles

Switzerland road deaths.

22 per million population.
37 per million vehicles.

United Kingdom road deaths.

29 per million population.
57 per million vehicles.

United States road deaths.

129 per million population
161 per million vehicles


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