Car Steering Wheels: Right or Left

Were Car Steering Wheels originally on the Right or Left?..

Many people, from some countries, ask why car steering wheels were changed to the Right, when it should have been on the Left.

Unfortunately, they haven’t checked the facts before asking.

If we look just at the United States, we see this:

Before the 1908 launch of the Ford Motor Company’s Model T, virtually every car in the United States placed the steering wheel on the right.

This is an example of the early Ford Model T, with steering wheel on the Right.
US Ford Model T Steering wheel on Right
These are more examples of US made cars, again with the steering wheel on the Right.
US cars Steering wheel on Right

Some countries decided to change, and fitted steering wheels on the left, at a later stage.

The question should be: Why did some countries, such as the US, change to steering wheels on the left instead of leaving them on the right?

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