How to Check Water Level in Water Tank

Check Rain Water Tank level with Stud Finder..

I needed to be able to check the level of my 5,550 litre (1,220 Gallons – 1,466 US Gallons) rain water tank recently, and was reading about the different options to be able to check the level easily.

I looked at installing a float system, or a Tube indicator system, but these needed some messing around, and I just wanted a simple method.

Water Tank Level Float system Float system Water Tank Level Tube systemTube system

I actually wondered if a stud sensor would react to water.

They react to timber or pipes or cables in an empty wall space, so what about reacting with water?

I already had one, so I tried it.  I checked on Friday, then on Sunday morning, then again on  Monday morning, after using tank water for the laundry on Sunday.

The Blue tape shown on the tank in the video below, shows the levels that my Stanley Stud Sensor 100 showed me, on the Friday evening, and the Sunday Morning.

Play the video and see how easy it seems…

Using a Stud Sensor to check the Water Level in a Rain Water Tank

It works, and it works well.

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