Who Trusts the EU in 2019?

Which EU countries trust the EU the most, and the least..

In a 2019 poll taken throughout the EU, it has been revealed that 44% of all respondents trust the EU.

This is down from 48% in 2009.

It was even bigger drop from 2007,when it was 52% that trusted the EU.

  • In 12 years trust in the EU has dropped from 52% down to 44%.

From an EU Press release with the heading:

Europeans upbeat about the state of the European Union – best results in 5 years.

Brussels, 5 August 2019

A new Eurobarometer survey released today shows a strong increase in citizens’ positive perception of the European Union across the board – from the economy to the state of democracy.

These are the best results since the June 2014 Eurobarometer survey conducted before the Juncker Commission took office.

Trust in the EU is at its highest level since 2014 and remains higher than trust in national governments or parliaments.

Yet the figures show that in the last 12 years, trust in the EU has dropped from 52% down to 44%.

France, Greece and the UK are the leading countries with the LEAST Trust in the European Union.

Lithuania, Denmark and Estonia are the leading countries with the GREATEST Trust in the European Union.

Trust in the European Union, by Country, in 2019

The countries where the Majority show trust in the EU.

72% Lithuania (LT)
68% Denmark (DK)
60% Estonia (EE)
59% Luxembourg
58% Finland (FI)
57% Portugal (PT)
56% Malta (MT)
56% Sweden (SE)
55% Bulgaria (BG)
55% Hungary (HU)
54% Ireland (IE)
54% Poland(PL)
54% Netherlands (NL)
54% Cyprus (CY)
52% Romania (RO)
52% Austria (AT)
51% Latvia (LV)
51% Belgium (BE)

The countries where the Majority do NOT show trust in the EU.

48% Germany (DE)
47% Spain (ES)
46% Hungary (HR)
45% Slovenia (SI)
44% Slovakia (SK)
37% Italy (IT)
36% Czechia (CZ)
33% France (FR)
32% Greece (EL)
29% United Kingdom (UK)


The Standard Eurobarometer survey (EB91), was carried out in 34 countries or territories between the 7th of June and the 1st of July 2019.

It analyses how Europeans perceive their political institutions, both national governments and parliaments, the EU and its institutions as well as their main concerns.



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