How much is in a Pint?

Is a Pint of liquid 16 or 20 fluid ounces?

When talking about Liquid measures, a Pint of liquid may be less than normal in some countries.

In an English pub, a pint of beer is equal to 568 ml, or 20 fluid ounces.

In America, that would be only 473 ml, or 16 US fluid ounces.

The Americans use the U.S Customary System for measurements.

The English use the British Imperial System.

Most other countries now use litres, and of course millilitres, so there is no confusion.

What is a Pint in Australia?

The answer depends on what part of Australia.

  • NSW: A pint is 568ml.
  • Victoria: A pint is 568ml.
  • South Australia: A pint is 425ml (in most places).
  • Tasmania : A pint is 568ml.
  • ACT: A pint is 568ml.
  • NT: A pint is 568ml.

In South Australia, you have the Imperial Pint, at 568ml, and the standard pint at 425ml.

Queensland and Western Australia do not normally have the Pint measurement.

A large beer in Australia is commonly 425ml or 15 fl. oz. while a small beer is 285ml or 10 fl. oz.

A schooner is 425ml.

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