Russia stealing Ukrainian resources.

Russia is stealing Ukrainian resources to finance their war against Ukraine.

As sanctions bite, Russia eyes Ukraine’s mineral resources to fund its invasion of Ukraine.

Maybe Russia invaded Ukraine originally so they could easily use Ukrainian resources for themselves, after taking over the country.

After 2 years of warfare, trying to rule Ukraine, their economy is now so bad that they now NEED Ukrainian resources, just to survive the consequences of the war that they started.

Ukraine contains considerable mineral wealth, with the country ranking in the top 10 globally for its iron, manganese, titanium, graphite, and uranium resources.

It also has some of the largest coal, oil, and gas reserves in the world, with a significant portion of those resources in the country’s east, now bearing the full brunt of Russia’s war. One example being the Donetsk Oblast, currently under Russian occupation, containing 90% of Ukraine’s coal reserves.

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