Russia Stole 5 billion dollars of Ukraine Crops.

Russia stole nearly 8 million tons of harvest in occupied Ukraine, valued at about $5 billion.

Approximately 6.4 million tons of wheat and nearly 1.5 million tons of sunflower seeds were harvested in Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories this year, NASA Harvest revealed.

Russia made over $5 bn from this stolen harvest in occupied Ukraine.

This can easily be compensated from the Russian funds that have been frozen (confiscated), by supporters of Ukraine, due to sanctions against Russia.

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, with a larger invasion in 2022.

It is estimated that their war against Ukraine has cost Russia 315,000 casualties since 24 February 2022

More than 10,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed since Russia invaded on 24 February 2022. That is the number verified, but many more are expected to be listed eventually.

35.1 - 841,135
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