Ceasefire Hamas/Israel

The 2023 Hamas-Israel Ceasefire.

November 24, 2023.
Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire, with an agreement to release one hostage for every 30 Palestinians held in prison, for various offences excluding murder.

November 28, 2023.
Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli troops in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, in violation of the ceasefire agreement with Israel.

Thursday, 30 November 2023.
Hamas claims responsibility for today’s terror attack in Jerusalem that killed three Israelis. Another break in the ongoing ceasefire, although Hamas say the ceasefire is only in Gaza. They are still free to attack Israel anywhere else.

The “ceasefire” agreement.
Hamas was to release 50 women and children, taken hostage during the massacre of Israeli women, children and babies on 7 October 2023. In exchange, Israel committed to a four-day cessation of its offensive in Gaza during which it will allow increased flow of relief into Gaza. It will also release roughly 150 Palestinians from Israeli prisons, a group that includes no Palestinians convicted of murder.

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