War Crimes: Hamas and Israel.

War Crimes in Israel and Gaza.

The Hamas invasion of Israel definitely included acts that are classed as war crimes, with the murders of Israeli citizens and other nationalities. This also included the killing of children.

Intentional targeting of civilians and civilian objects without a military necessary reason to do so is a war crime. So is the mutilation of bodies, torture and hostage-taking.

Gaza and the West Bank are both signatories to the ICC, and consequently both Hamas and the individuals accused of committing “crimes against humanity” could face prosecution at The Hague.

Civilian facilities such as hospitals and schools are civilian facilities and cannot be attacked, unless enemy combatants use them as a base for attack.

Israel is targeting Hamas military targets from the air, and soon to engage them from the ground, but as Hamas has a history of hiding behind civilians, avoiding Palestinian civilian casualties will obviously be very difficult for Israel.

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