Russia and WWIII

The countries helping Russia to attack Ukraine.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is supported by China, Belarus, Iran, and North Korea.

The Attacking Side.

China has been supplying components which are crucial to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Iran has been supplying Russia with large numbers of drones, to aid Russian attacks on Ukrainians.

North Korea has been supplying Russia with large amounts of ammunition to assist Russia in their shelling of Ukraine.

Belarus has hosted Russian soldiers, in the initial invasion of Ukraine, and aided in transporting Russian weapons close to Ukraine’s borders.

The Defence of Ukraine.

Ukraine has so far succeeded in defending their country with the assistance of defensive weapon supplies from many countries around the world. Around 45 countries have assisted Ukraine with military equipment to aid in pushing the Russian soldiers out of Ukraine, and reducing the Russian air attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Most of these countries have insisted that Ukraine does not use those weapons in attacks on Russian “territory”.

The countries aiding Russia would be fully aware that their weapons are used to kill Ukrainian civilians, as well as the Ukrainian soldiers defending their country.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine appears to be getting closer to World War 3.

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