City of Sails, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, the City of Sails..

Auckland’s nickname, the “City of Sails”,comes from the popularity of sailing in the the Auckland region of New Zealand.

It has been quoted that 135,000 yachts and launches are registered in Auckland, and about one in three Auckland households own a boat.

Auckland has also hosted two of the America’s Cup competitions, in 2000 and 2003.

The 2001 Census showed that 60,500 of the country’s 149,900 sailors live in the Auckland region, which includes North Harbour and Waitakere. Oct 14, 2006
This shows that 30.4% of New Zealands sailors live in the Auckland region. This compares to 30.75% of New Zealands population living in Auckland in 2001.


Pleasure Boat Ownership, Auckland Figures (Department of Statistics, 1971)

In 1971 there were 25,418 boats owned between 202,059 Auckland households showing that 12.6% of Auckland households owned a boat.


Pleasure Boats in Auckland in 1998 (based on data cited in MSA 1999)

In 1999 boat ownership for households in Auckland was estimated to be 16% of the number of households.
1999 there were 74,700 boats owned by Auckland households, a three fold increase in 20 years. Although only showing an increase from 12.6% to 16% of the households. (Using those figures)


Industry snapshot for the Auckland Region – Marine Sector, 2009

It was estimated in 2006 that 17% of Auckland households owned a boat.


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