Youth Unemployment Rate Australia

High Youth Unemployment Rate in Queensland..

The High Australian Youth Unemployment Rate in Queensland is hitting the headlines again in January 2015, as we get near to the Queensland State Election.

The main headline is that Queensland has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Australia, and quotes a rate of about 20%.

This figure was also mentioned a year ago, in February 2014, for the Cairns area.

But go back TWO years ago, and the Newspapers had this to say: “In July 2013, youth unemployment in Ipswich was 11.7 per cent, while Cairns was 30.5 per cent and Queensland’s Outback had youth unemployment of 22.5 per cent.” ALP ran Queensland from December 1989 to March 2012. LNP took over in March 2012.

Australia Youth Unemployment Feb 2014 Map

Highest Youth Unemployment Rate per State:..

Early 2014

21.0% Tasmania West and North West
20.5% Cairns, QLD
19.7% Adelaide North, SA
18.5% Northern Territory Outback
17.3% Mandurah, WA
17.5% Hume, Victoria
16.8% Parramatta, NSW
11.3% ACT

Queensland Youth Unemployment drops during 2013 to 2014?

Does this mean that the highest YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT rate in Queensland has actually dropped during the period from July 2013 to November 2014 from 30.5% to about 20% ??

Australian Youth Unemployment 1978-2014

Australia Youth Unemployment Chart 1978-2014

130.1 - 821,156
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