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The WPDiscuz comment plugin looks to be very nice, but I had a few issues in setting it up.

I like the fact that the reply option is above all the comments. It makes it easier to find, and stops people creating a new comment question, in reply to someone else’s question, as they didn’t go down far enough to find the standard WP comment box at the bottom.

However, getting to the issues with installing…

One issue was that there was no reply option for people to reply to someone else’s comment, although they could start their own comment.

Another issue was that it ‘appeared’ that someone could make a comment, or a reply, but it never went through after clicking the “Post Comment” button.

On some occasions the reCAPTCHA was visibly not working.

These issues were found on various websites that I have.

The error messages, when shown, included:

  • Recaptcha issue stopping Discuz
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)

I was advised to try to disable plugins until I found out where the conflicts were.

These are the plugins that I ended up disabling on various sites, that resulted in allowing WPDiscuz to operate correctly:

  • Webcraftic Clearfy v1.6.8. A WordPress optimization plugin
  • Autoptimize v2.7.3. An optimization plugin.
  • WP-Optimize v3.1.2. An optimization plugin.
  • Autoptimize v2.7.3. An optimization plugin.

It seems that optimization plugins create issues with the operation of commenting using WP-Discuz.

Removing all these optimization plugins appears to have fixed the issues.

If for any reason you have a comment, but this all goes wrong a ain, and comment options vanish, please let me know here:  Contact Admin

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