Why so Few Covid-19 Recoveries

So Many Coronavirus Deaths, but so Few Recovered, Why?.

So Many Coronavirus Deaths, but so Few Recovered, why?

A person is officially considered Recovered once they have had a test showing “Negative”, in some countries.

Many more are considered recovered once they have gone through the stages and have no more symptoms, but these are not always counted in the official numbers.

As the world does not have enough test kits to test everyone, they are mainly only being used to test those with symptoms, or at high risk of having the virus.

The doctors will not (should not) waste these kits on people who appear to have recovered, just to give us better statistics.

  • Norway for example, shows 3,771 cases, 19 deaths but only 7 recovered.
  • Brazil shows 3,477 cases, 93 deaths but only 6 recovered.
  • UK shows 14,543 cases, 759 deaths but only 135 recovered.
  • USA shows 104,205 cases, 1,701 deaths but only 2,525 recovered.

Once the epidemic is over, and people are known to have recovered from it for a number of weeks, the authorities might deem them recovered even without further testing.  For example, looking at the earliest stages of this virus.

China shows 81,394 cases with 3,295 deaths and 74,971 recovered. This leaves 3,128 currently infected.

Other countries will probably have similar higher numbers of ‘recovered‘, once they are known to have recovered.

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I had at first thought that climate played a bigger part in the deaths/recoveries ratio until I noted that Iceland had a 1/75 ratio and Australia had a 1/53 ratio with the two countries being at opposite ends of the climate spectrum. Mind you, the people in Iceland are more civic minded and I suspect they adhered to social restrictions a lot better than most societies. The Aussies; Go figure?!

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