Which Countries are in the G7.

The G7 consists of the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada.

The European Union is also included as a “non-enumerated member”, and from 1981 has taken part in all working sessions, although does not assume the rotating G7 presidency.

The group was created during the 1970s when the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Italy formed the Group of Six (G6).

It was an informal grouping of advanced industrialised economies that would meet annually to discuss matters of political and economic significance.

In 1976 it became the G7 when Canada was added.

In 1977, the President of the European Commission was invited to attend the meeting. The President of the European Council now regularly attends as well.

In 1997, it became the G8 when Russia, under Boris Yeltsin, accepted the invitation from U.S. President Bill Clinton and U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, to become a full member.

In March 2014, after Russia invaded Ukraine, and annexed Crimea, Russia was suspended.

In January 2017, Russia, under Vladimir Putin, announced it would withdraw permanently from the G8.

Consequently it is now known by the G7 name again.

The latest G7 Leaders’ Statement on Ukraine.

19 May 2023.


G7 Member Countries.

G7 Japan 2023.

G7 Germany 2022.

G7 UK 2021.

G7 USA 2020. Cancelled due to Covid.

G7 France 2019.

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