How to to Clean a Shower Head.

The best way to clean a shower head is to soak it in vinegar.

Removing the shower head, and submerging it in vinegar, is one way.

Tying a plastic bag, of decent thickness, over the head, and filling it with vinegar, is another option. But ensure that the head is fully covered with vinegar, and that the bag does not leak.

Run plenty of clean water through the head after cleaning, and before having a shower.

Cleaning Vinegar is normally twice as concentrated as normal vinegar.

Normal white kitchen vinegar is usually 4 percent acid and 96 percent water.

Cleaning vinegar varies in acidic content, but should contain about 8 percent acid and 92 percent water.

I have seen some “Cleaning” vinegar with only 4 percent acid.

I have also seen cleaning instructions that say to dilute the Cleaning vinegar with water. In my mind that seems to say that kitchen vinegar at 4 per cent, might be perfectly adequate.

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