Topfield PVR 7100HD Plus

The Topfield 7100HD Plus (aka: TF 7100 HD PVRt Plus) is a good quality PVR with the ability to record from 4 different channels at the same time.

Topfield 7100HD Plus

This model is advertised with a 500 GB Hard Drive, although some models have a smaller internal drive of only 320 GB’s.

It will support a 1TB (1,000 GB) external Hard Disk Drive via USB socket or eSata.

It can also be wireless connected to a PC with an optional dongle available for that purpose. (Between $49 and $69 extra)
Topfield Wireless Dongle

Other features of this model include:

  • Fast-forward and Rewind Speeds of up to 128x
  • Pause Live TV (Time Shift) user selectable up to 5 Hours
  • PhotoViewer with SlideShow
  • Media Player- Divx HD Certified

The ability to record 4 programs at the same time is limited to these 4 programs being on just two channel groups.


Channel Seven group comprises: 7, 71, 72 and  73 Mate

Channel Nine group comprises: 9, 99 Go and 90 Gem

Channel Ten group comprises, 10, One, Eleven and Twelve

As an example, you could record 7, 73, 99 and 90, being 4 programs from 2 groups.

You could NOT record 7, 73, 99 and 10, as that is now spread over 3 channel groups.

Firmware Updates:

For my own personal use I have copies of each firmware upgrade here, dated on the day I downloaded the file originally:

592.1 - 821,157
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