Sugar and Water as Weed Killer

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Can you use Sugar and Water as a Weed Killer?..

It sounds odd, putting sugar on your lawn to kill the weeds, but can it work?

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Some web sites say that it does, others are less enthusiastic.

How Much Sugar do you put in Water for Weed Killer?

25 grams of white Sugar for every Litre of water sounds optimal.
This also equates to:
3.8oz of Sugar for every US Gallon of water. (3.785 litres)
4.5oz of Sugar for every UK Gallon of water. (4.546 litres)

How does making a sweeter lawn work?

Reducing the nitro­gen levels, by adding sugar, appears to starve the weeds.

In 2014, a trial by Melbourne water used 500 grams of carbon-rich sugar over a square metre, every three months, to reduce nitro­gen levels and quash the weeds. This was based on research by Charles Sturt University.

But, does it work?

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Some say that it starves the grass too.

If you do try it, make sure it is watered in very well, or you may just get load more ants in the area.

One suggestion, to put a handful of sugar at the base of the weed, states it would kill the weed, but that would probably also kill any grass there too.


Testing (before application):
Sugar as Weed Killer Test 1 2019-10-14

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