Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day – Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday..

Shrove Tuesday (widely known as Pancake Day) is a day in February or March, preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in many countries by consuming pancakes.

In the past, Catholics did fast from products such as milk, eggs, and butter, during the Lent period.

It was therefore very common for people to consume what was left of these on the Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday*) before the fasting of Lent began from Ash Wednesday.

Pancake Mix:
Milk, Eggs, and Butter.

This led to that Tuesday becoming knows as Pancake Day.

*Shrove Tuesday (widely known as Pancake Day) is a Christian Feast day in February or March, preceding Ash Wednesday.

What is Pancake Day..

see above…

When is Pancake Day..

Pancake Day is the day before Ash Wednesday:

Pancake Day 2014. Tuesday, 4th March, 2014.
Pancake Day 2015. Tuesday, 17th February, 2015.
Pancake Day 2016. Tuesday, 9th February, 2016.
Pancake Day 2017. Tuesday, 28th February, 2017.
Pancake Day 2018. Tuesday, 13th February, 2018.
Pancake Day 2019. Tuesday, 5th March, 2019.
Pancake Day 2020. Tuesday, 25 February, 2020.

Fat Tuesday..

“Mardi Gras” is French for “Fat Tuesday”.
The name comes from the tradition of slaughtering and feasting upon a fattened calf on the last day of Carnival preceding Lent.

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