Is Yule Christmas or Pagan?

Yule is one of the oldest winter solstice festivals, with origins among the ancient Norse thousands of years ago. This was well before Christ, or Christmas.

Yule Tide is the winter solstice, December 21–22 in the Northern Hemisphere or June 20–21 in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is generally agreed that Yule celebrations began as a Norse festival called jol. Like most winter solstice festivals, themes of light, fire, and feasting are common threads. (That is why we eat a lot.)

“Yule” became a name for Christmas in about the 9th century, when Christians were trying to get rid of Pagan festivals. One of the earlier examples of changing the meanings of existing words to suit a newer group of people.

By using the term “Yule” to recognise Christmas, it was hoped that it’s pagan meaning would be forgotten over time, along with as all things Pagan.

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