2015 QLD State General Election – LNP ahead on total vote count 31 Jan 2015

2015 QLD State General Election: LNP 40.8% – ALP 38.13% but ALP are winning….

As at 11:00pm 31st January 2015, the total vote count for the Queensland State Election stood at:

824,575 LNP = 40 Seats (Liberal National Party)
770,692 ALP = 43 Seats (Australian Labor Party)

LNP are ahead on Total State Votes, but behind on seats won.

Queensland 2015 State Election Result

At 69.39% of votes counted

2015 QLD Election Result ECQ

2015 QLD Election Result

Votes not yet counted include:

Postal, Special Postal, Unenrolled Votes,
Pre-Poll (In Person) Absent Votes,
Polling Day Absent Votes,
Electoral Visit Votes,
Declared Institution Votes,
Polling Day Declaration Votes

Queensland 2015 State Election Primary Vote Count

According to the Primary Vote count from the Electoral Commission Queensland, LNP would have 51 seats with ALP 35 seats, after 69.49% of the votes counted.

2015 QLD Election Primary Vote

44.1 - 839,646
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