Did Boris Johnson promise zero immigration?

Boris Johnson from his statements on 26 May 2016.

I’m pro-immigration, but above all I’m pro controlled immigration.

I’ve always championed the great benefits that can come from immigration. I am the proud descendant of immigrants.

The British public support immigration but they want it controlled by those who they elect.

Imagine how much stronger we will be, and how much more respected in the world, when we have an immigration policy that stops discriminating on the basis of whether you are an EU citizen and instead selects people on the basis of their contribution to this country.

As Mayor of London I argued consistently for a more sensible visa policy that would welcome talented people from across the globe, (not just the EU) people recruited on the basis of their skills.


French European Affairs Minister, Clement Beaune, accused Boris Johnson of lying when he said: “There have been many lies and demagogy. Boris Johnson had promised zero immigration“, according to www.express.co.uk

Did Boris Johnson promise zero immigration?

Who is lying?

UK Boris Johnson or French Clement Beaune?

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