Religion, Evolution, Creationism, Big Bang Theory ?

Religion, Evolution, Creationism, the Big Bang Theory ?

Many say either one or the other, but why are we so black and white about this line of thought?

Why not BOTH ?

  • There is a God.
  • We were created by the Big Bang theory.

Can we try to agree that it may be both.

Once upon a time God decided to create man.
Some say he did this in 7 days, but how long was one of HIS days ?

Let us allow some flexible thinking on this… One of HIS days could have been a billion years for all we know.

So, if we were creating something ourselves, what would we do? Miraculously just create something almost perfect, or start with an idea and allow it to grow?  To adjust it along the way, to adapt it etc.

Maybe this is what God did, maybe He created a micro organism that He knew would grow to Mankind, with a lot of changes thoughout time.

His plans for us may not even be finished yet, we may have another stage of development to come.

One thing is for sure, and that is: “NOTHING is for sure.”

Can anyone say for certain, that the above possibility is DEFINITELY wrong ?


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