Mobile Phone Speaker Volume

Sometimes we need to be able to use the speaker on a mobile phone, and some people need more volume than others.  Finding out which mobile phone gives a higher volume can therefore be a very useful feature for those people, often the hard of hearing.

I was checking a review of the  at this site: and found the following comparison figures for decibel ratings of a few phones.

Speakerphone test, Voice dB

  • 78.0 HTC Legend
  • 77.1 LG GW520
  • 77.1 LG KF900 Prada
  • 75.7 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • 74.6 HTC Touch Pro2
  • 72.8 Nokia N97
  • 71.3 Palm Pre
  • 68.8 Nokia N97 mini
  • 67.2 LG GW620
  • 66.1 Apple iPhone 3G

The Apple iPhone did not come out very highly…

I wonder how the iPad compares ?

90.1 - 822,029
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