Indian Free Advertising Complaints

Many small local websites have a classified advertising section specifically set up to provide free advertising options for local residents.  I have one myself for my own local area, in Queensland, Australia.

However, every day, we get a pain in the backside, with a few adverts being placed by Indian companies trying to place some free adverts for their property sales in India, or computer repair services in India.

They totally disregard the advert categories, advertising computer peripherals in the houses for sale section, because they get 30 days free advertising.  Sometimes they place Indian house sales in the garage sales section. ????

My Indian friends find it all very embarrassing, and assure me that not all Indians are the same as these particular “ones”.

I know spam is very common these days, but a tiny bit of common-sense would not go amiss.

If anyone wants to recognise these, a selection of these spammers will be listed here:

  • 09016525637 Fatemi Computer Peripherals, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
  • 09825257695 Prithvi Utility Service, Vadodara, Gujarat, India


My advertising conditions state that non local advertisers will be charged $20, but it does not stop the adverts being placed, without them paying anything of course.  And of course I never approve the advert for publication, so all that happens is that they waste their time, and my time.

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