Apple’s iPhone DROPS to a record 11.7 percent share of smartphone sales

Apple’s iPhone drops from 12.8% smartphone market share in 2013 to just 11.7% in Quarter 3 2014..

From IDC on

In Q3 2014, according to research firm IDC, Google’s Android mobile operating system had a 84.4% share of all users globally. Apple’s iOS had just 11.7%, down from 12.8% in the same quarter last year.

Q3 2014 Smartphone Sales

84.4% Android
11.7% iOS
2.9% Windows Phone
0.5% BlackBerry OS
0.6% Other

Android v iPphone/iPad Sales:

Android: 283 million units shipped and over 84% of the market share in the third quarter of 2014
iPhone and iPads: 95.8 million sold in the 3 months ended December 2014

33.1 - 839,993
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