Lumina Electric Pressure Cooker

On special at ALDI Australia on 26th May 2011.

This Lumina Pressure Cooker/Rice Cooker/Slow Cooker was $59.00 today, 26th May 2011, at ALDI in Queensland.
ALDI Lumina Electric Pressure Cooker CYD-60AU

It is actually not too bad. Cooks rice in 10 minutes, just pressing the rice button. I had no idea about water and rice quantities, but it came out OK, although still a bit wet. The rice did dry itself out after a short while, and it tasted OK.

Mine didn’t have the measuring cup and spoon though.  I may ask at ALDI if they have any spares.

The advertised ceramic pot though, is not ceramic, it is non-stick aluminium.

Two things to watch out for, for those of us that haven’t used a pressure cooker for many years, or even ever.

1: Do NOT touch the top to see if it is hot. (see label on lid)
2: Do NOT release steam immediately after it finishes, when the Warm/Cancel light begins to flash. (see manual page 14)

I learned both the hard way 🙂

One thing I have just remembered. Do not store the pressure cooker with the lid locked in place, as this can damage the rubber seal. Store the lid upside down.

A selection of Pressure Cooker Cookbooks from

The New Zealand Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Lisa Loveday's Tasty, Economical Recipes for Busy Kiwi Cooks The Basic Basics Pressure Cooker Cookbook Pressure Cooker Pressure Cookers for Dummies (For dummies) 200 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes

More Pressure Cook Books at: and both with FREE Worldwide delivery

Pressure Cooker Recipes:

Chicken Curry using MAGGI bases:

1pkt of MAGGI Chicken Curry Recipe Base.
1 tbsp oil.
500g skinless chicken thigh or breast, trimmed and chopped coarsley.
1 onion, sliced.
270mL can light coconut cream.
6 chat potatoes (240g), halved.

Heat oil in pressure cooker, add chicken, cook for 2 minutes or until browned.
Add onion; cook for 1 minute.
Stir in light coconut cream and MAGGI Recipe Base, and add potatoes.
(edit for the Electric version: The above must be done in a saucepan, then transferred to the pressure cooker)
Secure lid and bring cooker to high pressure.  Cook 15 minutes.
Release pressure and remove lid.

Pressure Cooking Cookbooks

Pressure Cooking Cookbooks at bookdepository

10,454.1 - 820,452
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Wonderful item I’ve used for years!
Highly recommended.
However, the gasket needs replacing.
Can you tell me where to find one, please?

Could you send to me the manual fo this? Lumina Panasonic Cooker LPC60

The Lumina Pressure cooker is the best purchase I have ever made. From the word go, it as performed and functioned as needed. If your read your instruction Manuel this item can depressurise itself if you lock your lid on incorrectly.

Browning can be done by frying off with the lid on. Common sense prevails people.

When using the item as a pressure cooker, think, it cooks because it’s built up steam under pressure. The meat cooks in pressure, and of course it’s going to have a build up of water. So, as you already know it’s tender (meat) then cook the accumulated water (from steam) down with the lid off. If you like a lot of gravy, then thicken it with a bit of corn flour mix.

Of course for your vege’s not to collapse in the pressure cooker, you open the pot half way thru, FIRST, DEPRESSURIZE AND LET THE STEAM OUT BEFORE YOU OPEN (NORMAL&IMPORTSNT) and pkace your vege’s to cook for the last how many minutes you have left. NOTE: If you go to put the lid back on, it will give you the impression you can’t because it’s hot. SOLUTION, hold up your pressure valve and you can then twist the lid back on. Don’t forget to shut your valve to cook the remainder of the cooking process.

It’s just your confidence in the kitchen and knowing your Pressure Cooker. Negativity comes in because you as a cook have not come one with your Pressure cooker and using it to it’s potential. It’s is so easy using the Lumina Branded Pressure Cooker.

I’ve baked a Red Velvet Cake, I’ve cooked coconut Rice; Yellow Rice, Jamaican Rice and Pea. Made soup.

I have used my Prssure Cooker to make lamb stew, beef stew, pickled pork, lamb shank stew, curries….. 😉

This is an Awesome item! I now am seeking out another one and want the same brand! My daughter who is 26 uses this item with confidence. Definitely, one has to be vigilant when opening up the lid. Yes, I do remind my daughter, always let off the valve before opening the lid.

One more thing, when the bell goes off to let you know it’s cook, you can leave it continue doing what you are in the middle of doing…. As the pot depressurises itself! I still am vigilant to check. By hitting the valve open with a wooden spoon, and always find the pot has depressurised and is kept hot till you are ready to serve.

Do you buy a LUMINA PRESSURE COOKER I say YES!!!! It is the best investment I’ve ever made for my kitchen!

Get to know your gadget! I love! Mine ;)) !!!!!!

Can someone please demonstrate on YouTube how to use this Lumina signature pressure cooker. There are many other pressure cookers on YouTube but I can’t find the demo on lumina electric pressure cooker. I need to cook a lentil curry!!

I brought what appears to be an identical unit from Big W an Abode Branded on (Big W Own Brand) The manual included with it is quite poor as well . Looks like they made in china by the same factory

My Mum has a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker that is quite similar as well although they supply a better recipe booklet so it my be worth getting a copy from here

From memory the narcissist unit is quite similar it has china origins as well i will have to study it more next visit to mum may be a spare part option

anyway happy cooking

Hi all Bloggers. I’ve used stove top pressure cookers for 50 years-love them.
Bought the Aldi Electric Pressure cooker. Slow Cooking – is really fast cooking with the same result as a slow cooker. I wouldn’t bother trying to slow cook-defeats the purpose of a pressure cooker. Besides, you can have Coq a Vin in 35 minutes, quicker than driving out for take-away.
I improvised with a trivet – bought a stainless steel steamer basket for $5.(IGA/Cheap shops) I can then use my clip-on lidded pudding basin to cook “Baked” egg custard in 4 minutes (Fish setting).
Have just written to Women’s Weekly test kitchen enquiring how to Steam at low pressure to first cook a Christmas pudding, (then pressure cook it after that).
Also -Instead of driving all over the country to Aldi stores ask your nearest Aldi staff to phone around for the product you are after, and ask that store to hold it for you.(go straight there and get it). VIVIEN

As long as you put at least 1 cup of water in the pot you will be fine. I don’t have an electric cooker but have one of the Aldi Manual cookers and the principle is exactly the same. Everything you can do in a manual cooker you can do in an electric one and vice-versa.The only difference is that the elctronics take a lot of the guess work away and you can set and forget (which you certainly can’t do with manual cooker).

I perssonally can’t see the point of using the cooker as a slow cooker. A pressure cooker does what a slow cooker does but in a fraction of the time (with the exception maybe of something like meat loaf) and with far superior results.

I will definitely get an Aldi electric the next time they are on sale

No cook book is not a help BUT l cooked a choc self sauce pud last night – 10 mins (RICE setting) it was fluffy delicious and better than oven. Aldi have PC recipe book $8. Done spag Bol – Rice and baked apples so far


I have the aldi pressure cooker and am quite happy with it. I have been browning in it – if definitely works without the lid on. I’m not sure how good the non-stick coating is though since meat is starting to stick already. Tonight I had 1kg of diced meat plus onions to do in batches and used another pan with more surface area. I have the the more expensive cookbook and it is really great. Modern recipes with good flavours. It has the instruction for electric.

I have used the pressure cooker since it came out at Aldi and think it is just a fantastic tool.
To saute, I also did what Dee did, just use any of the buttons eg chicken to heat the pot and saute onions/meat then cancel it, close lid, shut pressure valve, and press the appropriate buttons.
For recipes, I’ve cooked as per normal ie I use any casserole recipe to prepare the food and just press the appropriate buttons to cook it. I’ve also done pot beef roast using normal recipe.
If I need to add anything like potatoes, I leave it to the last 10 mins of cooking, cancel the pressure cooking, release the pressure, open it and pop potatoes and restart pressure cooking using the rice button.
As for slow cooking, I think that using the warm function would do the trick too.
As for rice, unless you are cooking something other than white rice, the microwave is just as easy.

Hi I bought one of these pressure cookers and am really happy with mine…the keep warm function is regarded as the slow cooker although it doesnt cook as the meal is cooked beforehand with the pressure cooker so doesnt need any more cooking…I also found a good recipe book called Womens weekly pressure cooking which has the electric cooking times in it…I have cooked many meals in mine ..even a roast leg of lamb if you read the instruction booklet that come with the machine it says you must have some licquid in machine so it was a bit of a guess work till i got the recipe book but still a very moist leg of lamb…

I was wondering if anyone has found a good reciepe book to use with this electric pressure cooker.I was dissappointed that they couldn,t provide even a few reciepes with the manual and the manual doesn,t tell you very much at all about the settings for example if I need to thicken a stew which is usually done with the lid off.what setting would I use?I rang the help line and they couldn,t tell me and suggested I buy a cookbook accept most of them are for stove top!

I too purchased this cooker to gain back some real estate on my kitchen bench..
I didn’t receive a power cord in the box so promptly returned to the store and was given the power cord, it was in the bottom of the showbin… LOL
No measuring cup, no spoon in mine either, figured I could improvise anyway and didn’t want to have to fill out the return form for it anyway.. (anyone else think that filling out those forms a bit of overkill for a clean swap?) Anyway, my first meal was vegetable soup… 1 litre of chicken stock, about 6-8 cups of shredded vegetables, a bit of seasoning and push the ‘soup’ button.. 45 mins later done! It tasted divine !!
I admit I’m disappointed that there is no slow cooker function but after using the warm function to reheat the soup I made, that could work as the slow cooker.
I am happy with the unit overall and if something doesn’t work, the warranty should cover it and I do hope that Aldi takes the ‘complaints’ seriously as this is the very 1st thing, out of quite a few, that hasn’t met all the criteria it’s supposed to.
Thanks for the info on the replacement lids too, very helpful 🙂
One of the best sites I have found for recipes for everything is and they have loads of recipes, ideas for everything food related 🙂

I found one today also, also disappointed the inner was not ceramic, but was wondering how? a ceramic liner could stand such pressure. Ditto to the above I also dislike the teflon type materials.
same complaint that there was No idea at all re water to use, I did rice, a bit gluey but ok. figure any pressure recipes will be a good enough guide anyway.
for the price its pretty good value I thought, the 3 safty cut outs are worth gold, I would never ever use the old style units. seen too many damaged kitchen when I was young:-(
the money saved on power bills( casserole 2hrs oven at 3,500 watts as opposed to 35 mins at a much lesser use)..a clear winner! and the time and pre set features make it a really good product regardless of the other issues. the handbook could do with a bit more work, but hey, like so many products made and designed by men:-) we women can sort it out regardless:-)
and thanks to the above writer who gave the info re Replacement lids. good to know.
if the item lasts a year ie the warranty time its still worth what we paid, anything more is pure bonus.

Having bought this Aldi pressure coooker, I am still deciding whether to keep it or return it. I also wanted the dishwasher safe “ceramic” pot and was disappointed when the helpline told me the aluminium pot was not dishwasher safe. With regard to the replacement seals, I was told they will sell you a whole new lid for $20, which includes postage.

Interestingly, I have found an almost identical electric pressure cooker online, the Eurolab at Deals Direct. It looks exctly the same, although it claims to be a pressure + rice + cake cooker. The ‘cake’ choice seems to be in the same place as the ‘beef’ choice on the Aldi one. The Eurolab states it has a ‘non-stick removable cooking bowl’ and a ‘dishwasher safe bowl and lid’. I wonder if the Aldi version is similarly robust?

thank you all for you comments, I too rushed out and bought this product today, I think I will return it tomorrow…

cooking rice requires less water than usual. the ratio is about 1: 1.5.

I too am disappointed at the missing “ceramic” pot but still think it’s a good buy.

Try these cooking time/water amount guides and a starting point.

Hi, Does anyone know what the company number is to ring? My cooker came with no manual in the box so if anyone with manual has a customer number can they put it on the web site for me so I can contact them direct. Aldi told me to return the cooker for a replacement one. What a waste of my time. I just want to use the thing. It looks intact and all I need is a manual to operate.

I must say however, it gives me very little confidence in the product having read the above reviews and hold concerns the company is misleading the consumer given Sandy’s comments from 27 May “Was also advised that the packaging and subsequent advertising was incorrect – there is no slow cooker. What they meant was that the food comes out like it has been slow cooked.” By there own admissions it’s false and misleading information to us the consumers. Number to customer service would be great if anyone can provide it and I shall take it up with Aldi too. I am assuming most of us who purchased this item made the conscious decision based on the good faith in the Aldi name to provide quality products to the consumer at reasonable prices and the packaging information on the box.

Annoyed consumer

Thank you for clarifying my question about the booklet and blank pages. I will take my book back to the store. Also thanks Michael for suggesting that the keep warm cycle could be used as the slow cooker function. I used mine yesterday it worked really well on the pressure cooker function and the keep warm function was quite hot so it could work as a slow cooker function…might give it a go, you just never know. A cook book would have been a good idea just to help out with how much fluid to put in the pot.
So far I am reasonably happy with it just missing the slow cooker function

I rushed to Aldi stores in Rouse Hill, North Rocks, Chatswood and found it at last at Brookvale. It was a whole day’s runand I was happy to find one. When I got home to my dismay, I discovered the innerpot was not Ceramic as stated on the box and on the catalogue. I am one of the many people who are reluctant to use aluminium non stick coated cook wares due to warnings about the plastic used on non stick coatings.
Today, I tried calling the customer service number given on the booklet and was put on hold to listen to the music for long time I had already wasted time with this product and decided it was not worth wasting anymore time.
Like me there are other who were led to believe in the “Ceramic Pot” and would be very disappointed. I will be returning mine back to Aldi Stores.
I think the company should make certain of what goes into the boxes before making incorrect advertising of the goods. The price was cheap and I should have realised that it could not be true but I trusted the Aldi brand name and wasted a lot of time and petrol running around looking for the Ceramic Pot Pressure Cooker Rice Cooker Slowcooker.

i can not find how much water 2 use 4 any cooking

The best thing about this machine is that you can set it and forget it – no chance of it boiling dry! Perhaps the ‘keep warm’ function can be used as the slow cooker….

Does anyone know if replacement seals are likely to be available? I suspect not so if the seal goes you have to throw the whole thing out.

I bought one of these and used it today for the first time. I did brown the onions, meat etc before starting the pressure cycle and it worked well. I just put some oil in the cooking container, pressed the casserole button, and left the lid off until it was all nicely browned – then I pressed the warm/cancel button and put the liquid, seasoning etc in before closing the lid and pressing the ‘casserole’ button again. It took 35 minutes to do the pressure cooking and then turned itself off. No hissing, spitting or other scary noises and now for the taste test 🙂
Glad to know there isn’t a slow cooker function – I couldn’t see what to do and thought it was me being slow!!

Yes, I was also looking for the slow cooking function as well…not sure where it is??? Also, page 13 in my instruction book is blank, page 14, 15, 16 has information on it – is this correct or am I missing vital information.

Can we get some baskets to fit inside the pot like the old cookers?

Hi again. Have just called Lumina support, and been told that the machine only functions with the lid on, so no browning is possible. Another cook book says that it is not necessary anyhow. Was also advised that the packaging and subsequent advertising was incorrect – there is no slow cooker. What they meant was that the food comes out like it has been slow cooked. Fisrt try tonight – Chicken Cacciatori. Fingers crossed!

I have also purchased the Lumina Electric Pressure Cooker from Aldi. Can you brown the onion/meat/chick first before setting to pressure cook? cheers Ann

Hi. I bought this machine yesterday, and am wondering if you can tell me if I can use it to saute onions or brown meat before adding the other ingredients. Most recipes call for some sort of precooking. The instruction book only says how to operate the machine, but nothing on how to actually cook with it. Also the slow cooking part – where is that? I would appreciate your time for a reply. Cheers, Sandy

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