ALDI: Lacura Renew Multi Intensive Serum

Aldi’s Lacura Multi-Intensive Serum is one of the cheapest of around 2,000 rival products that were included in a series of blind tests in the United Kingdom.

This product, at a price of £3.49, took first place in this test, with the previous winner, Boots Protect And Perfect Intensive Serum, at £20.50, coming second place this year.

The Lacura Renew Multi Intensive Serum 50ml retails for $9.99 at Australian Aldi stores.


More LACURA ® products at ALDI priced on June 4th, 2011

$3.99 Lacura Body Lotion 500ml
$5.99 Lacura Compact Powder 10g
$5.99 Lacura Rouge 3.2g
$7.99 Lacura Daily Defence Face 30+ 60ml
$4.99 Lacura Eye Care 15ml
$8.99 Lacura Face Creams 50ml
$3.99 Lacura Facial Wash 150ml
$2.99 Lacura Hand Cream 125ml
$3.99 Lacura Lip Gloss 8ml
$6.99 Lacura Lipstick 4.8g
$5.99 Lacura Make Up 30ml
$2.99 Lacura Make Up Removal Wipes 30pk
$4.99 Lacura Mascara 8ml
$4.99 Lacura Men’s Face Cream 50ml
$9.99 Lacura Multi Intensive Serum 50ml
$7.99 Lacura Sunscreen Spray 30+ 200ml
$3.99 Lacura Cleansing Milk or Facial Toner 250ml

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I sent a question, not a comment! Can you help and advise, please.

I asked my husband to buy me some Multi-Intensive Serum from our local Aldi. He came home with TWO – one marked Anti-Aging and one Aquo Complete. The first contains Mimox and Vit.C and the other marine extracts and shea butter! Which one shall I use? I am confused. My skin is rather sensitive, so I have to be a little careful. What is the difference between these two serums, please. I have been using Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect. I believe these two products cost the same!

This is the UK link for the ALDI Lacura product range:
hopefully it will show some info that will help you.

Which store sells Lacura Multi Intensive Serum

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