Has UK Life Expectancy Stopped Rising?

UK LIfe Expectancy has stopped Rising, or has it?..

A News report has the headline: “Life expectancy in the UK has stopped improving for the first time since 1982, when figures began

But the figures seem to show otherwise.

Life Expectancy  in UK: 1960-2016

1960: 71.13 years
1966: 71.57 years
1976: 72.78 years
1986: 74.93 years
1996: 77.09 years
2006: 79.25 years
2016: 80.96 years

It does not seem to have stopped rising.

The report says that it HAS stopped rising.
I assume because of a recent year when it stopped rising, the same as:

1967: 72.12
1968: 71.72 It dropped, therefore it stopped rising?
1971: 72.27 oops, no, it rose again.

1984: 74.78
1985: 74.63 It dropped, therefore it stopped rising?
1988: 75.38 oops, no, it rose again.

1992: 76.43
1993: 76.39 It dropped, therefore it stopped rising?
1996: 77.09 oops, no, it rose again.

And at 2016 it is higher again at 80.96 years.

It might drop again, as it has before, and then rise again, as it has before.

Source: datatopics.worldbank.org/world-development-indicators

But, could it really be about to change, and if so why?

If lots of healthy people leave the UK, and more of the less healthy people move from other countries to the UK, that might have an effect on the average life expectancy, by reducing it somewhat.

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