John Adam Street Gang

I came across comments about the “John Adam Street Gang”, in relation to Froebelian Education in Australia, and needed to find out exactly what this is, as some are saying that they control what happens in the UK.

My first port of call was the Russian website, where I foundthe comment:

The real hidden power base is in central London, in a couple of streets behind Charing Cross. This is what we have called the John Adam Street Gang, where the RSA (Royal Society of the Arts, patron the queen and president prince Phillip), and Adelphi House are located (amongst others).

It seems that the National Froebel Foundation in the UK was housed at the Royal Society of the Arts Tavern Room, 2-8 John Adam St London.

You are probably now thinking “What is this all about?” and I must admit that is exactly what I am thinking, hence I want to find out more. Because I am totally confused what any of this has to do with Education in Australia, as I was told.

The ‘Froebelian‘ school.

The German educationalist, Freidrich Froebel pioneered early years’ learning, educating children from the age of 3 years in Kindergarten classes.
I feel like giving up on this… I think I have been spun a line of garbage.

More reading and I see that the following are included in the John Adam Street Gang:

DWP (Department of Work and Pensions)
Energy Future Holdings
Cookson Group,
Franklin Templeton Investments
Smith and Nephew

with the comment that “Indications so far is that they are all corrupt“.

Conclusion…. I think I have wasted my time.  However, I have learned one thing… I know what to ignore in future…


Unless of course someone can PROVE differently…

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MIT’s president said the university had taken about $800,000 from Epstein over 20 years.

But one report implicates Bill Gates too..

With this article:

new reports from the New Yorker and the New York Times said that internal emails indicated Media Lab officials had worked to conceal the full extent of Epstein’s donations to the Media Lab, and his other assistance to the center.

This included at least $7.5m in donations Epstein helped secure from two other prominent philanthropists, Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black, the New Yorker reported.

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