Facebook in the top 10 most hated companies in America

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I lost count of the number of news articles today that are stating that “Facebook is in the latest list of top 10 most hated companies in America”.

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This is the listing being quoted from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASI)

  1. United Airlines: score 60 June 2011
  2. Charter Communications: score 60 June 2011
  3. Northwest Airlines: score 61 June 2011
  4. Time Warner Cable: score 61 May 2011
  5. Comcast: score 61 May 2011
  6. Delta Airlines: score 62 June 2011
  7. US Airways: score 62 June 2011
  8. MySpace.com: score 63 July 2010
  9. American Airlines: score 63 June 2011
  10. Facebook.com : score 64 July 2010

I am not sure how the ratings are calculated, but I compared against similar companies and found these results in the July 2010 results which are the latest available for these categories:

Internet Social Media section:

Wikipedia.org : score 77
YouTube.com : score 73
Facebook.com : score 64
MySpace.com : score 63

Internet Portals & Search Engines section:

Google : score 80
Bing.com : score 77
Yahoo! : score 76
MSN : score 75
AOL : score 74
Ask.com : score 73

Is the wording most hated really accurate, or should it be least popular ?

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I am assuming that the scoring relates to a popularity ranking. ie Google gets a popularity ranking of 80 while Facebook only gets 64.

How many companies were included in the survey ?

The most hated company in America is LIKED by 60% of those surveyed, yet is referred to as the most hated ?

Questionable at the very least.




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