A Cup of Coffee or a Holiday

Tough decisions in life: Do you have a cup of coffee or a weeks holiday in Fiji ?

I was chatting to someone in the coffee shop the other day, they were having their regular daily cup of coffee at one of these local coffee shops that are springing up all over the place.

The discussion was about the rising cost of living and how they could not afford a holiday.  Times are really bad.

It made me wonder, and I realised that I am happy with my normal cup coffee that I make at home.

As I wandered away afterwards I did some quick mental calculations.  It’s $3.50 a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, and at one cup per day (365 x $3.50) that works out at $1,277.50 per year on coffee. (see note below for my mental calculations to get close to this figure in my head).  Anyway, I thought that’s almost $1300 per year on one cup of coffee each day !!

I looked in at the travel agent, and checked the price of a holiday in Fiji.  1 week for $735.

So, you could sit around in a coffee shop every day complaining about the cost of living, and not being able to afford a holiday, or do what I do, have a home made coffee, and nip over to Fiji for a week, every 7 months 🙂

Fiji one week for 735 Australian dollars


Coffee to Holiday Costs Calculations:

$3.50 times 365 days.

365 is about 10% more than 333, which is one third of 1,000.

so $3.50 x 1,000 = $3,500

$3,500 divided by 3 = (lets say $3,600 dived by 3 for ease) = $1,200

$1,200 + 10% back (ie 333 to become 365) = $1,320,

Then take away one third of that $100 that I added to the $3,500 = ($1,320-$33=$1,287)

So that is how I calculated $1,287 in my head.  Only $9.50 out.


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