How Safe are the Websites you Visit ?

Internet security is now one of the big issues with many sites containing unsafe links, or malware, that can cause problems for your internet surfing experiences.

There are a few good options that many people can take advantage of to safeguard their surfing, and most people now already have Anti Virus programs installed, although how many are kept fully up to date?

To add to your anti virus safety precautions, you can also make use of Site Verification and Reputation tools, available from some reputable organisations. Two of which are shown below.

WOT (Web of Trust)

WOT is a free website reputation, rating and review tool that helps find trustworthy websites and protects against online scams, untrustworthy links, and unreliable web stores. Free add-on for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers. Over 69 million downloads are recorded for this add on at 20th March 2013, although the Chrome browser shows 823,547 users at the present moment.

WOT protects you against scams, untrustworthy links and rogue web stores.
WOT is a free add-on for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers, which can be downloaded and is stated to not slow down your browsing experience.  Easy to use and free.

Check sample results here, and use the WOT Reputation Scorecard link to check any website you like:

McAfee SiteAdvisorMcAfee SiteAdvisor

McAfee runs  an Automated Web Safety testing service.  Providing results on each website tested such as this example wording: “When we visited this site, we found that most of its links are to sites which are safe or have only minor safety/annoyance issues.

SiteAdvisor software works with Internet Explorer (Windows only) and Firefox (Mac and Windows). McAfee rates more than 95% of the Web for safety. With SiteAdvisor software installed, your browser will look a little different than before. A small site rating icon is added to your search results as well as a browser button and optional search box. Together, these alert you to potentially risky sites and help you find safer alternatives. The SiteAdvisor technology is free, easy to install and even easier to use. And it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information.

Check sample results here, and use the link to check any website you like:

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