Julia Faustyna – Madeleine McCann.

Is Julia Faustyna actually Madeleine McCann?

A Polish girl, Julia Faustyna, has claimed that she might be Madeleine McCann, and has asked for a DNA test comparison to confirm either way.

Julia is reported to be named Julia Wandelt, Julia Wendell or Julia Faustyna at different times. But Julia Faustyna appears to be her normal name.

Julia has the same kind of eye defect that Madeleine had.

Madeleine McCann was kidnapped on 3 May 2007, while on holiday in Portugal, at the age of 3. She was born on 12 May 2003, this would make Madeleine almost 20 years old.

Julia thinks she is about 21 years old, but is not certain, as she has never seen her birth certificate.

Julia is reported to have overheard her mother saying “I don’t know why we have this girl, she has always been a troublemaker since we took her.”

Her father subsequently said “even if I am not your father, will it change anything?“.

Her parents are reported to have refused to assist her in getting DNA testing.

Julia says she has never seen photos of her mother showing she was pregnant.

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