GPS and your car

Does the GPS in your car have your home address set as HOME ?.

If it has, you have made it very easy for a person who steals your car, to find their way directly to your house.

If you also have your garage remote control in your car, then you have also made it very easy for them to not only find your house, but to drive directly into your garage, and therefore gain entry into your house.

Even if they don’t take your car, but just take the GPS and the garage remote, they can still do the same.

First piece of advice:  Change the HOME address to your local school, or Petrol Station, something like that but near you, so the directions get you near enough back home.

Second piece of advice: If you leave your garage remote in the car, never leave anything in the car that has your address on it.  An electric bill, or car registration/insurance paperwork, together with the garage remote will also help a car thief to find your home.

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