Global Warming: The Facts – 2013

World Average Earth Temperature 1880-2012 tall
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Global warming forecasts were wrong – Daily Telegraph

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Earth’s temperature hasn’t risen for the last 15 years – Daily Mail




The world was originally said to be warming at a rate of 0.13 degrees C, (per decade) in the 2007 report.
The 2012 report shows that was WRONG, it is only 0.12 degrees C  (per decade) !!!

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The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change compiles reports on “Climate Change” and Global Warming/Cooling, and their last report was in 2007 when they first claimed that the Himalayas would melt by 2035. That was subsequently revised.

The current report, for 2012  which has not yet been released, is being quoted in many papers with various headlines and statements.

The main one being picked on is the change between 1998 and the current figures, where there has been no accumulated change.

However, 1998 is claimed as being the hottest year on record, and as such is not a good base year to use for statistical examples.

A Belgium spokesperson has said that using 1999 or 2000 instead, would show a more upward-pointing curve, compared to the flat line from 1998 to 2012.

How about using 2010 ?

Year Temperature
2010 14.63°C
2011 14.52°C
2012 14.47°C

And we see that the Earth is steadily Cooling…

Selecting any specific year to work from, can ALWAYS provide different results.

An example of this is; starting with a very cool year, before 1998, and comparing that to the hot 1998, which proves that the earth is warming fast enough to burn the world in 100 years. But selecting different dates may prove that we have over 1 billion years left.

One report which headlines “predict the Sun will wipe out all life on the planet” puts that figure at between 1.75 and 3.5 billion years from now.

Back to my heading: Global Warming: The Facts – 2013

Which facts do you want ?  I am sure I can accommodate any facts, to prove either scenario… 😉  I just need to select the right start and finish years.

If I select the last Ice Age and compare to 1998, then yes, the earth is warming up fast. The change in 10,000 years was from about one third of the earth being covered in ice, to the hottest recent year.

1998 to 2011 and we see that the Earth has cooled from 14.58°C down to 14.52°C

But if we select the period that changed the original Sahara Desert with adequate water and covered with vegetation, into the Sahara Desert, against 2012 figures, we may get a different picture. My guess is that those years, when the heat dried out the entire area, would have been much hotter than they are today.

The Hottest Year on Record…

When we see statements talking about xxxx being the hottest year on record, how far back do they go ?

1934 has been quoted, but that only applied to an area in the USA… NOT representative of the entire Earth.

1880 seems to be the year that most records began, according to many reports.

How about we look back about 100,000 years ago, when the planets heat killed of the Woolly Mammoth? Pity we don’t know the exact temperature of the earth then, and what caused the planet to heat up, from that particular previous Ice Age.

Another headline:

2012 was the 9th Hottest Year on Record Worldwide – followed by “2012 was the ninth hottest year for the globe since 1880” as the wording in the article.

World Average Earth Temperature 1880-2012 tallAverage Global Temperature 1980 to 2012

Year Temperature
1880 13.72°C
1881 13.8°C
1882 13.74°C
1883 13.73°C
1884 13.69°C
1885 13.7°C
1886 13.73°C
1887 13.65°C
1888 13.72°C
1889 13.83°C
1890 13.6°C
1891 13.72°C
1892 13.67°C
1893 13.66°C
1894 13.65°C
1895 13.73°C
1896 13.82°C
1897 13.86°C
1898 13.73°C
1899 13.84°C
1900 13.91°C
1901 13.85°C
1902 13.75°C
1903 13.69°C
1904 13.65°C
1905 13.74°C
1906 13.81°C
1907 13.6°C
1908 13.66°C
1909 13.65°C
1910 13.66°C
1911 13.66°C
1912 13.68°C
1913 13.7°C
1914 13.86°C
1915 13.9°C
1916 13.71°C
1917 13.62°C
1918 13.67°C
1919 13.79°C
1920 13.8°C
1921 13.85°C
1922 13.75°C
1923 13.78°C
1924 13.78°C
1925 13.83°C
1926 13.98°C
1927 13.85°C
1928 13.87°C
1929 13.73°C
1930 13.92°C
1931 13.97°C
1932 13.92°C
1933 13.8°C
1934 13.92°C
1935 13.87°C
1936 13.94°C
1937 14.06°C
1938 14.1°C
1939 14.01°C
1940 14.03°C
1941 14.09°C
1942 14.02°C
1943 14.08°C
1944 14.19°C
1945 14.06°C
1946 13.94°C
1947 13.99°C
1948 13.95°C
1949 13.93°C
1950 13.84°C
1951 13.96°C
1952 14.02°C
1953 14.1°C
1954 13.89°C
1955 13.89°C
1956 13.81°C
1957 14.08°C
1958 14.08°C
1959 14.06°C
1960 13.99°C
1961 14.07°C
1962 14.04°C
1963 14.08°C
1964 13.79°C
1965 13.89°C
1966 13.97°C
1967 14°C
1968 13.96°C
1969 14.08°C
1970 14.03°C
1971 13.89°C
1972 14°C
1973 14.14°C
1974 13.92°C
1975 13.96°C
1976 13.85°C
1977 14.13°C
1978 14.04°C
1979 14.1°C
1980 14.2°C
1981 14.27°C
1982 14.05°C
1983 14.26°C
1984 14.1°C
1985 14.05°C
1986 14.13°C
1987 14.28°C
1988 14.33°C
1989 14.21°C
1990 14.36°C
1991 14.35°C
1992 14.13°C
1993 14.14°C
1994 14.24°C
1995 14.39°C
1996 14.3°C
1997 14.41°C
1998 14.58°C
1999 14.33°C
2000 14.35°C
2001 14.48°C
2002 14.56°C
2003 14.56°C
2004 14.48°C
2005 14.62°C
2006 14.55°C
2007 14.58°C
2008 14.44°C
2009 14.57°C
2010 14.63°C
2011 14.52°C
2012 14.47°C

Those years in red are the years that were hotter than 2012.

World Average Earth Temperature 1880-2012

208.1 - 585,582

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we can not avoid global warming, and we need to be conscious that we need to help our planet , we need to do it for the health of our children , lets pollute less