Dugong Buhay

Will Victor Die, and what about Rafael ?

Will Simon get away ?

Some TV programs get the audience really going and worked up… 😉

Dugong Buhay premiered on ABS-CBN in the Philippines on Monday 8th April 2013, and reached a crisis point on 16th September with the two sons being shot by the opposing fathers.

The cast includes:

  • Nonie Buencamino – Simon Bernabe
  • Ejay Falcon – Gabriel De Lara/Victor Bernabe
  • Christian Vasquez – Enrique de Lara
  • Sunshine Cruz – Isabel de Lara
  • Arjo Atayde – Rafael de Lara
  • Ronnie Quizon – Alex de Lara
  • Ana Capri as Elena Pineda

Dugong Buhay is based on a 1983 film (starring ex-Senator Ramon Revilla and Sen. Bong Revilla) and centres on the vengeance of a worker named Simon whose wife and child killed by the De Lara family.

Because of this burning hatred towards the De Lara family, Simon kidnaps the De Lara’s baby child Gabriel, and brings him up as his own son, with the De Laras maid as is new wife, but with the intention to use him against his own family, the De Laras.

Gabriel is named Victor by Simon, and is brought up to believe that Simon and Elena are his parents.

Basic story (as far as I can tell):

  • Enrique and Alex de Lara kills the wife and child of Simon.
  • Simon burns down the de Lara house, but rescues Gabriel and Elena, who he takes away.
  • Gabriel (now named Victor) begins to work for the de Lara family.
  • Simon plans on using Victor to kill the de Lara family.
  • Victor backs out at the last moment.
  • The de Lara family (Enrique, Alex and Rafael) torture Victor following an explosion set by Simon.
  • Alex kills Elena, the mother figure to Victor, while trying to kill Victor and Pablo, who had helped Victor to escape.
  • An unknown person kills the father of Sandy (Victors Girlfriend), Everyone assumes the killer is one of the de Lara family, maybe Alex.
  • Alex de Lara kills Trisha, the girlfriend of Victors friend Pablo, while trying to get information from her about Victor.
  • Victor fights Alex, and Alex falls and accidentally kills himself. Just before Victor might have killed him.
  • Rafael causes Sandy to have a miscarriage when he uses her as shield to taunt Victor to come out.
  • Isabel de Lara begins to realise that Victor may be her lost child Gabriel, but is told he is not.
  • She decides to leave her family and go to America.
  • At the airport carpark, everyone meets up, and Isabel see Simon shoot her son Rafael, see her husband Enrique shoot Victor, and hears Simon laughing that her husband has shot his own son.

Enrique and Alex de Lara are the main killers of various people, including politicians who don’t do what they want.

Simon is happy to kill anyone linked to the de Laras in revenge.

Victor has only hurt people who were involved in torturing him.


Now, 17th September 2013, the two brothers, Victor and Gabriel, are lying in hospital with Simon wanting to find a way to kill both of them.  Isabel wanting both of her children to survive, Sandy and Pablo being confused, and Enrique trying to work out if Victor, who he has been trying to kill, is actually his own son.

Dugong Buhay (Living Blood) runs for 134 episodes from 8th April 2013 to 27th September 2013

139.1 - 822,210
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