Is Abergavenny in Herefordshire or Monmouthshire

I have seen many sites showing Is Abergavenny in Herefordshire, yet some show it is in Monmouthshire.

It should be simple, it can’t be in both, can it ?

Abergavenny is in Wales.

Monmouthshire is in Wales.

Herefordshire is in England.

So what is the problem , what is the confusion ?

Hereford is apparently 16 miles from the England/Wales border, in England.
Abergavenny is located 6 miles from the England/Wales border, in Wales.


In 1189 the King of England, Richard I described Hereford as “Hereford in Wales”

Ahh !!  Maybe some “Hereford” people have long memories, and now live in Abergavenny, and think of it as English ?

That may be stretching it though.. 🙂

Well, I don’t have a reasonable answer after all… Yet !


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