Microsoft Office Starter Problems Needing New Office Install

Opening files using Microsoft Office Starter is beginning to become a problem for some people, with maybe more to come ?

Often we open files from the file manager, and these files are automatically opened by the programs that we have.

However, recently there have have been a few instances that a computer no longer recognises the existance of Microsoft Office Starter, and gives this following message screen.

MS Office Starter Problem

Before you go out and BUY a new Office program, as they want you to, have a try with this, and see if you can still keep using the FREE Starter version.

You need to associate all your Microsoft documents with the “Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler” on the Q: drive.

To do this is not too difficult, and you begin by going to the File Manager, and select any .xls file, as in this example.

Note that the file image is now an orange colour and not the original green XLS image.

RIGHT click on this file name
MS Office Starter Fix 1

Click on the option “Choose default Program”
MS Office Starter Fix 2

Click on “Microsoft Application Virtualisation DDE Launcher’, and ensure that the “Always use… ” Option is checked.  Then click on OK
MS Office Starter Fix 3


This should restore all default options for .xls files back to MS Office Starter, with the green file image that we are so used to.

You can see the difference in this final image.

MS Office Starter Fix 4

Next:  You need to do this procedure with an .xlsx file, and then a .doc and .docx files, for MS WORD.

  • .xls is for the older Excel files
  • .xlsx is for the newer Excel files
  • .doc is for older Word files
  • .docx is for the newer Word files.

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