Wireless Router Directional or Omnidirectional Antenna

Omni Directional Antenna

What direction do you aim an antenna on a wireless router to get the best reception.

The answer appears to depend on whether you have a Directional or Omnidirectional Antenna.

Omnidirectional Antenna

The Omnidirectional Antenna emits the waves from the sides of the antenna, although with a reduced performance in the direction of the point of the antenna

Directional Antenna

A Directional antenna must be aimed in the direction of the signal transmitter or receiver (eg: a router or WiFi hotspot). Direct line from the point of the antenna will provide the best strength and quality.

Omni Directional Antenna Orientation

Another interesting view of the limitations of an Omnidirectional Antenna, is shown in this image, with the different heights of the antennas.

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