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Many years ago two bicycle makers invented a flying machine.  The Wright Brothers (Wright Cycle Company) created the first viable airplane in 1903. In 1901 the Wright Brothers did try fitting a third wheel horizontally, and this may have spurred on the 2013 version shown further down the page.

flying bike 1901

Now, in the 21st century, everything has been turned around, and we are back to bicycles….  but Flying Bicycles !

2013 Flying Bike..

Three Czech companies have teamed up to make a prototype of an electric bicycle capable of flying. Milan Duchek, technical director of Duratec Bicycles, said more powerful batteries will be needed before a human can take a two-wheeled flight. Better batteries would allow the bicycle to remain airborne for longer, with the current batteries needing recharging after just five minutes in the air.…/is-it-a-bike-is-it-a-plane-flying-bicycle


2012 Flying Bike..

Developed by Aerofex in Manhattan Beach, California, this flying bike uses powerful fans and a special control scheme allows anyone to drive it without any training whatsoever. This first version was demonstrated in the Mojave Desert at speeds of up to 48km/h and able to rise as high as 4.5 metres.
Sadly, it won’t be sold to the public just yet — Aerofex wants to sell it to the US military first. (See video at bottom of page)

But what comes next?

Flying Bikes in 2014 ?..

The revolutionary Switchblade™ three-wheeled Flying Motorcycle leads the field as the first of this new vehicle line to meet the growing demand for flying cars and roadable aircraft.

Flying Bike Samson Motorworks

Flying Bike Samson Motorworks

See the 2012 one in action:

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